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The Collection was formed during the early part of this century by three friends who at various times worked together for Bristol Omnibus Company, because they both jointly and individually acquired a number of former Bristol Omnibus vehicles. Since its formation, a number of additional former company vehicles have been added to the collection: many of the vehicles are now fully or mostly restored and regularly attend rallies throughout the season, whilst a small number of them are still undergoing restoration.

The vehicles are not at present housed under one roof and so the collection is not available for view as a whole, however it is the group’s firm intention that any of it’s vehicles that are roadworthy should attend the two Bristol based rallies, the Harbourside Rally in May and the joint Bristol Vintage Bus Group/Avon Railway open day in August, and many of them are used “on service” to carry passengers in accordance with the bus timetables operated at those events. Up to 16 vehicles were able to attend the 2013 event at the Harbourside.

Vehicles also attend a number of other rallies during the season, depending upon vehicle and driver availability.

Two members of the collection, Martin Curtis and Mike Walker, also own the companies Bristol Omnibus Company Limited and Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company Limited, which were registered with Companies House after being surrendered by their previous owner. These companies are at present dormant.

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